If you are interested in a new custom cable but you have some questions in regards to coils, colour combos, materials or double sleeving then read on!


Q. How much cable do I select when ordering a coiled cable?

A. To make coiled cables, it takes 7ft (dependent on the material chosen) to make a coil with a length of around approximately 1ft. Max coil length is approximately 12 inches


Q. I want a specific length for my coiled cable, where do I put that info?

A. Any requirements, such as number of coils, length of coil/ straight should be noted in the box 'other' or added to the order notes at the checkout. The additional cost included for coiled cables caters for additional length of wire, sleeving and the time it takes to coil the cable itself.


Q. What sleeving is best for coils?

A. For coiled cables, we highly recommend Paracord, MDPC-X or Techflex, these options hold a coil better. However, please note that it is not possible to coil MDPC-X on MDPC-X because it does not hold a coil sufficiently. 


Important things to note!

When ordering coiled cables, please add 7ft, per foot of coil, on top of the length of straight cable that is needed.

Each sleeving material and sleeving combination (i.e. 550 underneath Techflex) is different and will take up more/ less material to create a coil. Paracord (550) takes up the most cable to make a coil, double sleeving takes less, due to its thicker diameter.

Please note that coiled cables are for aesthetic purposes only and although there is adequate memory in the coil, it is not designed to be stretched. Your desired length of cable needs to take this into consideration.

We do not offer cable lengths above 13ft due to the power requirements of certain USB components and outputs


Adding a second layer of sleeving to Paracord or MDPC-X sleeved cables, adds to the rigidity, coil memory and overall durability of the coil and cable. We highly recommend selecting [550] Paracord with Techflex or Paracord with MDPC-X or SINGLE Sleeved MDPC-X sleeving for coils.

Choose a dark, camo or patterned paracord as your base (this will allow for some really cool effects to show through the top layer) and add Techflex in a light colour for the best effect. Take a look at the pictures below for some examples.

Cables double sleeved with Techflex come to around 6mm in diameter and please take this into consideration if you have a keyboard with routing channels. MDPC-X on MDPC-X double sleeving is not recommended for straight or coiled cables as it has to much memory and has a high overall diameter once sleeved. 

What connectors do I need?

If you are looking at a custom cable and you are unsure of what connector you need, check out the compatibility list below:-

  • USB A MALE - This plugs into the back or front panels on your PC and powers the device.
  • USB A FEMALE - This is used for USB extender cables and OTG cables. USB A male and female mate together.
  • MINI USB MALE - This is used for plugging into most popular mechanical keyboards with detachable cables (GH60, Poker 3 and 3, Poker X, V60 Mini, V80, Ducky. If you are still unsure, send us an email and ask!
  • MICRO USB MALE - This is used for all Android smartphones and certain mechanical keyboards such as CoolerMaster keyboards
  • USB B MALE- This is used for certain printers, USB interfaces and DACs
  • 3.5mm jack - Used for most modern audio applications including PC front and back panels, smartphones, interfaces, iPod and tablets.

Any materials/ equipment products supplied by PEXON PCs for any DIY installation by yourself will not be covered by any guarantee. Should you install our materials, equipment / products in error including your own damage to your personal property PEXON PCs are not responsible. Pexon PCs are also not responsible for personal accident of your own making while using products supplied by PEXON PCs.