If you are looking at ordering a new USB cable or set of PSU cables, please take a minute to read this information, so you can select the best options for your build.


Add 7ft of straight cable per 1ft of coil. Add 3-4ft of straight cable for 6 inches of coil. Max coil length 1ft. Note the length of the coil in the order comments/ dialog box so we can make the cable to your exact specifications.

For coiling, it is recommend that you choose 550 paracord as the base and add Techflex double sleeving for the best looking, rigid coil. MDPC-X CANNOT be used as a base for coiling.

MDPC-X CAN be coiled, but ONLY with matching 550 paracord base; i.e. choose royal blue paracord underneath Grand Bleu MDPC-X.

MDPC-X CANNOT be coiled on its own, i.e. single sleeving.

MDPC-X CANNOT be coiled with Techflex double sleeving.

We cannot make cables longer than 13ft in length due to power requirements on some USB components and outputs.

Any materials/ equipment products supplied by PEXON PCs for any DIY installation by yourself will not be covered by any guarantee. Should you install our materials, equipment / products in error including your own damage to your personal property PEXON PCs are not responsible. Pexon PCs are also not responsible for personal accident of your own making while using products supplied by PEXON PCs.