We have a wide range of sleeving options that can be applied to almost any of our custom Audio, USB and PC cables. 
We recommend the following sleeving options for...
USB CABLES:- MDPC-X sleeving for straight USB cables and AUX cables. MDPC-X is a plastic sleeving with a dense weave and will hold its shape when maneuvered to your needs. MDPC-X sleeving is available in a wide array of colours; we recommend it be single sleeved and NOT coiled

Paracord is great for shorter cables and can match up with your keycap set (take a look at our 550 Hyper Chill and 550 Pulse for examples). Paracord will also work incredibly well with coils when paired with Techflex double sleeving. When double sleeved with Techflex, paracord shows through the looser weave Techflex allowing for some amazing colour combinations, it also holds a coil well. Please note that there may be slight differences in shade and hue in the paracord colours.

PSU CABLES, EXTENSIONS, SATA etc:- There should be only one choice for sleeving with PSU cables, MDPC-X. Only the best sleeving should be used for a set of stunning PSU cables, MDPC-X again, comes in a wide array of colours, so you will not have any trouble colour matching your theme. In the range are a few different colours you will generally not find in a high quality plastic sleeving, such as Vanilla Sands, Copper Brown and Ranger Green, be adventurous, you will be surprised with what colours go together!

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AUDIO CABLES:- With AUX cables we recommend MDPC-X sleeving, its hard wearing and will hold its shape, perfect for in car listening! With Headphone cables, we recommend parcord (single sleeving). Plastic materials can introduce 'microphonics,' meaning, when the cable brushes against your person, desk, clothing etc, you will hear the sound through the cable. Paracord will be supple, easy to move and will not introduce microphonics. 

EXAMPLE MDPC-X (Only the best, made in Germany) PHOTOS:- 

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EXAMPLE PARACORD (Genuine 550 made in the USA) PHOTOS:- 

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EXAMPLE PARACORD (Genuine 550 made in the USA) PHOTOS:- 

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