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If you have any questions regarding your order, any inquiries of question, please contact:- info@pexonpcs.co.uk

Pexon PCs offer a bespoke service for all your custom cabling needs. We can offer cables to cover all scenarios, from full PC power supplies to tiny audio interconnects, we can do it all. As well as offering high quality, hand made cables, we can also provide modding services, soldering, watercooling and everything between.

We endeavor to provide a bespoke service of the highest quality, listening to our customers needs and deliver exactly what is needed. Our PSU sleeving service allows customers to choose the length, colour and style of sleeving to suit personal choice and allows integration into your project with ease. The USB cables we make work with almost any keyboard, audio interface and many other PC/Audio related products, again, we offer a huge range of customization, colour options and lengths.

We have hundreds of happy customers around the world as far afield as the Far East, the Americas, Australasia and all over home, here in Europe. Thanks for stopping by!

James Churchill -- Owner and Operator of Pexon PCs

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