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Our USB cables are made by hand in our workshop with only the highest quality components. We make all of our USB cables from the ground up with your choice of connector, length, sleeving/ double sleeving and shrink tubing options.

Choose from a vast array of colours and sleeving styles (more info here:- to create a bespoke cable unique to you.

Please read the FAQ in regards to coil lengths. When ordering coiled cables, you must add 7ft per foot of coiled cable to accommodate the additional material needed for the coil.

Important info on double sleeving:- We do not recommend double sleeved MDPC-X on top off MDPC-X for coiled cables. We recommend MDPC-X or Techflex as a double sleeving for all cables made with Tinned Copper, especially when coiled. 

MDPC-X Base and TECHFLEX double sleeving is NOT recommended!

We suggest [550] or [Zombie] Base with MDPC-X or Techflex on top for double sleeving

For more information on lengths of coil and double sleeving, check out our FAQ here:-

If you are unsure of what connectors you need for your application or what lengths to choose for your coil, be sure to email us at either:- or, we also have extensive photos to help inspire you on our imgur account (1000s of photos for you to look through!) /

Tag us with a photo of your order with the #pexon on instagram, facebook or twitter! Follow @pexonpcs on twitter and instagram

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