USB Cable Lucky Dip


  • £17.00

Lucky Dip is a random selection of different cables. The Lucky Dip could comprise of a coil, double sleeved cable, a Micro, Mini or even a Filco keyboard cable as part of the package.

Lucky dip gives you the opportunity to purchase a number of handmade cables at a significantly reduced price. The content value our Lucky Dip will far outweigh the normal retail price!

Tier 1: 1 random cable
Tier 2: 2 random cables
Tier 3: 3 random cables
Tier 4: 4 random cables and a random gift
Tier 5: 5 or more specialty sleeved cables and bespoke random gift.

All of our Lucky Dip packages come with various sweets in line with the original theme of the Lucky Dip.

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