MDPC-X Crimping Tool

  • £42.00

The legendary MDPC Crimping tool

For ATX, Mini-Fit-Jr, SATA and fan crimp terminals.  Each one is hand filed to absolute perfection with all the knowhow by Nils (MDPC Germany), exceeding the resulting precision and quality of every machine made Crimping Tool, exceeding the quality of others who try to do the same (*the human factor). Each Crimping-Tool is a masterpiece in this class with no out of the box errors or imperfections, each one is tested and optimized multiple times and you get the resulting test crimps together with each tool

Each crimping tool comes with a pack of example crimps so you can see for yourself, the quality of crimp that can be achieved using this tool. With a little practice you will be able to crimp like a pro. We recommend MOLEX branded conenctors with this tool; paired with wire no larger than 2.5mm OD as this may result in poor quality crimps and potentially damage the crimp die. 

Recommended wire:- 1.7mm to 2.5mm OD insulation with a 0.75mm² to 1mm² wire cross section. 

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