[PRE-ORDER] Kailh Click Bars

[PRE-ORDER] Kailh Click Bars

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 PACK OF 100 pcs 

Kailh Click bars  -  For Box and Optical switches      

To Rival Alps Blues   -  Designed & Made by SPRiT 

Designed for the wide range of Clicky sounds and Tactilities

Easy Conversion of click forces and tactilities 

Made of the best materials from Japan and Korea

V1.2   Force and Tactility  

  • A10  -  10g       Similar to Box White click bars with softer and gentler touch         
  • A15  -  15g       +5g heavier than Box White click bars still with soft touch  
  • A20  -  20g       +10g heavier.  Surely heavier than stock Box White               
  • A25  -  25g       +15g heavier,  Much softer version of Box Navy / Jade                  
  • C30  -  30g       Similar to Box Navy / Jade with deeper and neater sound    
  • C40  -  40g       The most tactile Box click bar in the world