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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Pexon PCs Limited website.


our good friends, Mat (left) and Will (right) with James (pexon) and momma pex in the middle


Pexon PCs Limited are a small family business based in Shropshire, in the United Kingdom. 

Our business was formed in October 2011 by James Edward Higginson (Mr. Pexon). 

Initially, James made cables as a hobby, but his business has steadily grown and now has an established customer portfolio that is worldwide. 

This success has been achieved not only through hard work, but moreover due to the loyalty and increasing support of PEXON's customers. 

Our enthusiastic clients have been the driving force behind our business. We have built fantastic friendships with many clients and try to attend meet ups, events and forums when we can, to foster and enhance this relationship. 

Our team is small. James is the perfectionist and the brains. He also has asbestos fingers! OUCH! 

His work is 'undeniably exquisite' (quote from Davina). He works with meticulous care to achieve beautiful cables. James is a true inspiration to other cable modders, keyboard and computer enthusiasts and is always willing to give advice and guidance on the pitfalls and rewards of customizing computer and keyboard builds.

Davina (Momma PEX), is the organizer, working in the background bringing each element of the business together.

Davina analyses a lot, sometimes this is good as she brings and extra dimension to a problem or activity, but sometimes she just 'stresses too much' (polite quote from James), always wanting to achieve the best. 

Together we are a great team and we are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best care and attention. We are totally focused on ensuring that our customer service is second to none. 

We will never compromise on quality and we now too know that with the expansion of our range of products and services and the introduction of MDPC-X, lead free, 100% recyclable sleeving our cables are in a class of their own.

Work is not a chore, it is quite simply a pleasure. 

Everyday is seen as an exciting new challenge. 

We hope you enjoy visiting our store and wish you a very happy day! 

All good Wishes,

James and Davina