Split Keyboard Cables


  • £20.00

Replace your stock 'Dox, Lets Split or Split Keyboard cables with a set of bespoke cables from Pexon.

Tailor your cables to suit your typing style and layout. Choose the perfect length of Mini USB and TRS interconnect for your set up.

All cables are made by hand in the UK using the highest quality components. Our standard paracord, MDPC-Xand Techflex single/ double sleeving options as well as coloured shrink connectors can be applied to our Ergo-Dox cables, allowing you to create the perfect cable for your keyboard.

Lengths for both the Mini USB cable and TRS interconnect can be chosen from the drop down menu, you can also select a coil for true flexibility.

Our Split Keyboard Cables come with both a Mini/ Micro USB and TRRS cable

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