RCA // PHONO // XLR Cables


  • £16.00

RCA // Phono // XLR  cables can be used for a variety of different audio applications. 


  • RCA to RCA for Amp/ DAC/ Phono Stage to Vinyl player
  • RCA to XLR for DJ / Interface use 
  • RCA to Jack for adapters/ guitar/ interface use 
  • XLR to XLR for general patch cables, interface etc. 

As always, if you need something not noted on the product/ options, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Sleeved cables can only have plastic sleeving applied only / / Litz/ braided cables can have paracord sleeving only. 

OFC or Litz braided as standard. Please contact if you require silver cable. 


Price is for 1x cable. If you need dual cables for AMP hook up etc, you will need to buy 2 units (1 for hot, 1 for ground). 

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