Sennheiser HD 598, 558 & 518 / Audio Technica M50X Cables


  • £25.00

Designed for Sennheisers 5XX range, our cables are made by hand to your specifications. Just like out AKG headphone cables, you can choose from a range of connectors, sleeving options and lengths. 

If you require specific connectors, or would like a balance output for your DAC, please contact us via email for a custom order 

Available in a variety of wire options including silver, teflon silver, oxygen free copper and basic copper, terminated in your choice of XLR, jack, socket or plug.

All of our standard sleeving options can be applied to our AKG cables (paracord, zombie or plastic sleeving). For OFC and Basic Copper, we recommend paracord or zombie sleeving. For braided/ litz cables, we recommend no sleeving

Please make a note in the order comments about the type of sleeving and any braiding options. Feel free to email


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