6 Pin PCI-e PSU Cable


  • £12.00

Our PSU cables are made from start to finish, by hand using on the best quality raw materials. We use 18AWG wire, genuine Molex branded crimps, black plastic connectors and sleeved in your choice of MDPC-X colours in any pattern you desire. 

Please select the correct PSU brand and model.

Our cables sets can be made for;

  • EVGA P2/G2/T2 (cross compatible)
  • Corsair AXi, HXi and RM (cross compatible)
  • AX (Platinum), RMi / RMx (cross compatible)
  • SuperFlower LEADEX
  • SuperFlower 1600W and 2000W 8 PACK
  • All current model Silverstone Strider PSUs

Remember to past the URL of the pattern you desire in the order comments/ MDPC-X text field on the order page. 

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Choose from colours here

MDPC-X Small

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