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Mid July Update

Mid July Update!


Hi guys, I hope you are keeping safe and well. Covid seems to be slowing down in the UK and things are slowly getting back to normal.

Right, so I know its not the end of the month, but we've got some tasty updates so I couldn't help but post this update early!

First up:

WEIPU Detacahable Kits are now live :

As with LEMO and Aviator, Weipu can be bought as complete kits or you can buy seperate host and device side cables to make the cable perfect for your set up. Weipu offer a great 'in between' if Aviators don't do it for you or you don't want to splash out on LEMO cables. Weipu have snappy, quick disconnects, knurled pull connectors and screw down strain relief just like LEMO, just a little bulkier and not quite as sleek. The aesthetic is very industrial and chunky.

Telegartner RJ45 cables are now live:

We are now happy to say our Ethernet cables are now available. The first range is made with Telegartner MFP8 connectors and your choice of MDPC-X Sleeving and CAT cable; 6,7 and 8 styles are available on the drop down option set.

USB C is now available on ALL custom USB cables as HOST SIDE! All current USB cables, kit, LEMO, Aviator, Weipu, Filco and Realforce cables can now be ordered with USB C on the host side. Perfect for Laptops, Monitors and passthrough/ hubs. *Only available on new orders as stock is allocated for current orders

We are putting powder coated aviators on the back burner for a week or so. Our samples we've recieved are not up to our exacting standards, we want them to be perfect so we are not rushing them through.

DIY kits are still in the works. I am working on a PDF DIY guide. USB C will be available for host side on the DIY kits too. Let us know if you'd be down for LEMO, Aviator and Weipu DIY kits too!

A fair few new cables have been added to PEXLABS : -
2 Weipu kits are up for grabs, a few Audio cables and some nice pre-made PSU cables are up for grabs.


NEW stuff on PEXLABS
Telegartner LIVE
USB C Host side LIVE

Thanks for your time, please keep safe during these strange old times!


James, Davina and Charlotte

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