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We are super happy, proud and excited to announce that MDPC-X sleeving is back and bigger than ever at PEXON! Check out this feature by Nils over on the MDPC-X site

For the last 2 years, we were unable to stock MDPC-X as Nils was out of the sleeving community; now Nils is back and back for good! We have a full range of small, sata and FP sleeving in every beautiful MDPC-X colour, in stock and ready to ship, to make your own cables. Along side the sleeving, we have a range of tools, wire, crimps and connectors so you can make full PSU sets, extension sets, SATA and Molex cables. 

Of course, MDPC-X can be applied to any of our custom USB, PC and Audio cables too! Check out the sleeving options on the nav bar up top and select MDPC-X from the colour drop down on all of our custom cables. 

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