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End of June Update

Each month I will make a TLDR with all the major updates that you might want to know about and what we feel is important.

I am also looking at putting together a new method of tracking order updates. This is WIP, so bear with me on this. We will work on a system where you can pop your order number in on a channel on the discord server and see what the status of your order is. We are also looking at photographing ever order again and post up, then tag the order number so you can see what it looks like and get hyped.

Stickers and merch are an on going thing, but with COVID-19 my graphic designer friends over at Iron Giant are crazy busy, so I will be trying to make some myself.

USB C to USB C is currently being tested and so far, we are pleased and will be rolling them out soon.

DIY Kits have been asked for time and time again, see below for the reason why.

Powder coated LEMO and Aviator connectors are coming. We currently have a few of each at different local powder coaters for prototyping and I will update as and when we get the back. So, be prepared for some seriously epic cap matching cable sets. These will be avaible for DIY and custom orders.

I have some Telegartner RJ45 conenctors on the workbench for testing over the weekend. Custom CAT6a cables available soon. They are basically LEMO for ethernet.

WEIPU connectors have been asked for and samples are on their way.


-Stickers and Merch WIP
-USB C to USB C Cables coming soon
-DIY Kits in the next few weeks
-Powder coated LEMO / Aviators soon
-LEMO equivelant CAT6a cables soon
-WEIPU potentially being offered

Thanks for your time and see you at the end of the month with, fingers crossed, a LOT of updates <3

Keep safe

James, Davina and Charlotte

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