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I've already bought, built and used an RS84 board for the last few weeks and I can say its a great little board, especially for the money. Me and a close friend, Luke, bought 3 boards (Luke having 2) from adhzar's GB on GH a good while back, but only recently I have managed to build them. 

We opted for Gateron clears for the boards, as Luke wanted a light, linear switch, as he favours MX Reds, I also prefer linear switches and had never tried Gateron linears. Straight from the off, the clears are super smooth, no gritty action whatsoever. As Luke wanted to go for a light a switch as possible, I kept his stock, however, I wanted something a little heavier and popped in some 65g gold plated springs and the action is still super crisp and smooth; highly recommended switch. 

Lukes first board is not 100% completed, as we are waiting on JTK Sophamore to be concluded. This first board is a standard edition with a red case and a red plate, which will be well suited for JTK red and white, with CMYK mods. The second board is a black standard edition with a black plate, perfect for JTK Orange and Black, that board is going to look super awesome, I have the perfect cable planned for it. 

The RS84 board is so easy to build with, yes, the quality is not as good as a Korean board, or my Winkeyless B.Mini, but for the money its good. The aluminium is sound, the anodizing is well finished and the finished board has a good heft to it. Flashing is easy using TMK and the keyboard layout editor. If you can get your hands on one, from TaoBao or AliExpress, go for it, the bottom layout has great flexibility too. The price is around $150 for the base kit, with the 2 layer case, switches, springs, stabs etc not included. 

For more pics of Lukes board, check out this imgur album 

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