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Mid July Update

Mid July Update

Mid July Update!


Hi guys, I hope you are keeping safe and well. Covid seems to be slowing down in the UK and things are slowly getting back to normal.

Right, so I know its not the end of the month, but we've got some tasty updates so I couldn't help but post this update early!

First up:

WEIPU Detacahable Kits are now live :

As with LEMO and Aviator, Weipu can be bought as complete kits or you can buy seperate host and device side cables to make the cable perfect for your set...

End of June Update

End of June Update

Each month I will make a TLDR with all the major updates that you might want to know about and what we feel is important.

I am also looking at putting together a new method of tracking order updates. This is WIP, so bear with me on this. We will work on a system where you can pop your order number in on a channel on the discord server and see what the status of your order is. We are also looking at photographing ever order again and post up, then tag the order number so you can see what it...